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These weekly bulletin inserts are offered as a resource to individuals and parishes during the five weeks in Lent and on Palm Sunday and Easter Day 2013. These were created in response to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December in an effort to help all of us challenge violence in our world, our society, our Church, our homes, and ourselves. The weekly questions in each bulletin insert are posted for online conversation here at ctmissionconnect. You can use the links below.

Booklet print: For best print quality, use #24 paper to minimize ink bleeding through when printed double-sided booklet format (most copiers use #20).
Online readers, note that all links are live.
Spanish: All content translated
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Spanish translations of weekly meditations will be posted when complete. Discussion questions will be linked the Saturday before each Sunday listed below.

1 Lent: Challenging Violence in our World -

2 Lent - Challenging Violence in American Society

3 Lent - Challenging Violence in Our Churches 

4 Lent - Challenging Violence in Our Homes -

5 Lent - Challenging Violence in Ourselves 

Palm Sunday (CORRECTED version posted 2/11) -

Easter Sunday -


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Comment by Marilyn Anderson on February 9, 2013 at 5:10pm

Thanks so much, Hilary, Chris, Sharon, Molly, Virginia, and Jonathan, for your work on this series.  I am looking forward to discussing these in adult ed and for inspiration in sermon prep during Lent and Pascha.  Your work is thoughtful and I hope will produce growth in all of us.  ~Marilyn

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